RFD Promotion and Donation

Cam Bonelli

Apr. 26, 2018

RFD promoted two new officers and acknowledged the Richfield-Bloomington Credit Union for donating money to buy iTICs

At the April 10 Richfield City Council meeting, the Richfield Fire Department presented two firemen with promotions to fire captain and fire lieutenant. Fire Chief Wayne Kewitsch present captain Dale Perrault with his badge to become a captain. “Capt. Perrault has been with the fire department since November 1990,” Kewitsch said. “He was promoted to lieutenant in November 2008. He currently is responsible for the fleet – all of our vehicles, maintenance and working with city garage – and he’s being presented his badge by his wife, Nancy.” Kewitsch said Jenell Wood joined the fire department in November 2010. “She is one of three fire investigators on the department,” Kewitsch said. “She’s currently responsible for working on the website – the fire department part of the website. And while she was a fir fighter, she obtained her Bachelors of Science in fire emergency service administration at Colorado State University.” Wood was pinned by her significant other John Brooks, who is a firefighter in Edina. The fire department was also presented with a donation from Richfield-Bloomington Credit Union. Greg Worthen and Todd Vardison presented the donation to Kewitsch to purchase integrated thermal imaging cameras. Kewitsch said they were generous enough to give them a donation for the cameras. “Hollywood shows you that you can actually see what’s going on in a fire, but I’m here to tell you, you can’t,” Kewitsch said. “You put your hand right up in front of your face, and you can’t see anything. The smoke is thick. It’s dark. It’s toxic.” Kewitsch said the department has been using separate thermal cameras and currently has three of them. “What this allows us to do is all of our front line SCBS, our air pacs, will have these,” Kewitsch said. “So when a firefighter is in a building, performing a search instead of having to carry a camera, all of them will have these integrated cameras.” Kewitsch said they are small but very effective. “We changed our air pac platform in 2014 and went to a new technology, so this allows us to add on some of this amazing stuff,” Kewitsch said. “We are very fortunate to receive this grant from Richfield-Bloomington Credit Union, and these are going to be a huge asset for the fire department.”